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If you are selling a piece of Wesley Willis Art, you can list it here.

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Contact me at danielx@gmail.com if you need help.



I have one of his drawings from 1986. Dan Ryan at 51st St. I love it! I went to the Police Station near there to get an escort into one of the projects and he gave it to me for $5.00. It is not for sale.



Thanks for the story, Naida. Do you have a picture of the piece? Can you share it either here or on Flickr?


Hi, I own a piece WW did of Central Park NYC, and I've never seen any others (unlike all his Chicago stuff), does anyone know ofother NYC pieces he did?


i really want a wesley willis art piece ive been searching for one for ever and i cant find one for sale, if you are selling an art piece by him please email me and give me a price i really love this man

thank you



please some one help me out


If anyone is selling any art by Wesley, let me know...I'm very interested!!!!


I want wesley art...im extremely intersted if anyone wants to sell...hit me up... overlord1134@gmail.com

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My granny has one of WW's paintings. But I don't think that she will ever sell it.

Don watzka

I have a piece I got from Wesley at a show of his at sluggos in Pensacola in 1999 for sale on eBay right now.


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