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Update: "White House on the North Side" Sold

Written about previously here, it went for $1,000. It's definitely rare, but the fact that it went for so much is a good sign about the market. May 31, 2007



I am the purchaser of this piece and wanted to quickly comment on it. I have been following Wesley's carrier since the late '90s and was very interested in his art work. I found this piece to be so unique in that it is a single house. The seller drove it out to Salt Lake City where I live and personally dropped it off after giving me a history of the picture and his relationship with Wesley. The personal information that accompanied the picture I found to very much enhance my understanding of the piece. I am very interested in collecting his work as well as the outsider scene in general.


I've been torn between looking at houses in Chicago, or houses for rent in Cincinnati Ohio. The Wesley Willis pull is too strong!

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