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Wesley Willis Drawing Chicago From Memory

Here's a comment below from a proud Wesley Willis art owner. It's always great to hear from people who have Wesley Willis art to get stories of how they came into contact with their pieces. I think this comment is also interesting because it's one example of what's obvious by looking at Wes' later work-- that he drew his standard lakefront scene, with its jumble of buildings and bushes, again and again from memory. Interesting stuff, but a far cry from his intensely detailed 80s and early 90s stuff.

I worked at a cafe/venue called bon appetit in mpls, Minnesota Wesely played a two nighter there on new years eve of 02 Or 03 I work the deli counter that night and ended up buying one of his drawings. I knew him through his music but did not know at the time he was a visual artist. I watched him draw it with a mix of blue pen and neon crayola markers. he drew the whole thing in about a half hour from memory. Its a lake scene from somewhere in Chicago. I love it.


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