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"It's the Shoreline, 2002"

Wesley Willis Original Drawing. "It's drawn by wesley willis. It's the shoreline, 2002". View of Chicago shoreline. Went for $680-- another sign of a healthy market for Wesley Willis Art. July 5, 2007.





Original, absolutely authentic work by Wesley Willis. in great condition with no stains and virtually no scrapes, bumps etc. Color is vivid and unfaded (I have stored the work wrapped since its purchase.)

The work measures 42 x 28 inches an is on artist's board.

I honestly hate having to sell this work - but I'm planning a trip to Italy with my girlfriend and can use all the extra dough I can get!


Dead c

I just received a near identical piece today. The corners are beat, it looks like the colors have faded a bit, and their are pin holes, but I'm still pretty excited about it and it was given to me for free. It was originally found in a Goodwill in Chicago and, eventually, made it to me in Seattle.

My piece must have been drawn in the same sitting as the one above, because the perspective on mine is only slightly to the right. Only half of the building on the left border is shown and the right has more bushes and buildings peeking out from behind them. I just got it about 10 minutes ago and this is an exciting day.

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