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Lakefront, 1996

I was surprised to see that this "The Lakefront" went for $910-- didn't see it as being a super-fantastic example. Seems prices are rising after being stable for a couple years. July 20, 2007





Wesley Willis Drawing "The Lakefront" 1996
Measures 28" x 40"
Some edge wear, I tried to show in pictures, I think a nice frame would cover any of the small imperfections.
These are getting harder and harder to find, especially earlier pieces like this.
The color is still very vivid, this will look great on any wall.

I purchased this from the man himself at a show in Dayton, Ohio at the Subgalley, in 96.
He performed a solo set, and then performed with the Fiasco. I have held onto it for many years, but a recent move and lack of employment have forced me to part with it. This is a rare opportunity to own an original piece of art, that is only getting harder to find.


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