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Shoreline, 1996

Wesley Willis "the shoreline 1996" marker drawing on board, 41x28 inches, went for $610. Very good piece. Interesting bubble type on the signature-- rare. July 14, 2007.




Rare early landscape drawing by the one and only Wesley Willis. As with most Wesley drawing this was made on location and shows some of bumps and condition marks from him walking around the city with it in a bag with his folding chair and box of markers. The corners are dented but the piece still looks amazing under glass in a nice frame. The price of wesleys drawings have been going up every year and this early piece would make a great investment.



This is a fake! Don't buy it, you are wasting your money!!!!!!!

landscape designer phoenix

^Why do you say that?

Anyway, while I like his drawings...they look very childish in nature. Like, if a kid knew how to properly draw perspective and all that jazz drew landscapes, it'd look like this. Its weird.

bark chipping

It seems that around this time Wesley started doing drawings from memory, and this was a favorite subject. Up to this time, his drawings seem to have all been done in the open air, right in front of the subject.

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