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Dan Ryan / State Police from the 90s

Recent Ebay sale of Dan Ryan / State Police from the 90s, impressive at 29 bids with a final price of $910. September 12, 2007


..WESLEY WILLIS SIGNED 'DRAWN BY WESLEY WILLIS PAST 52ND ST. NEAR 51ST.. ORIGINAL dan ryan . 28X41. ON ARTIST'S BOARD..no date but was bought with two others 84 and 85...the style of the State Police cars suggest it is early.the two buses have wonderful ads...many people say ones with the police cars are highly sought after..in the distance are the Sears Tower and Mc Donalds.and the projects where he grew up...I HAVE BEEN TOLD BY SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT WESLEY WOULD SIT AT MICHIGAN AVENUE AND COULD DRAW 35TH AND THE DAN RYAN from memory ...DETAILS AND ALL..THE COLORS ARE VERY GOOD...THESE ARE GETTING VERY VERY HARD TO FIND AND VERY EXPENSIVE..CRIMPED CORNERS...AS USUAL....


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